GOP Rep. Biggs on Durham Probe: Certain People ‘Ought to Be Concerned’

Friday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) explained why now that the probe led by the Department of Justice’s John Durham meant certain players that were alleged to have interfered with the 2016 presidential election should “be concerned.”

A day earlier, The New York Times reported the probe was now a criminal investigation. Biggs told fill-in host Charles Payne a number of those individuals could come under the scrutiny of Durham.

Partial transcript as follows:

PAYNE: So what do you make of these latest developments? It feels like the table, or the tide may be turning something — somewhat here.

BIGGS: Well, I think it’s interesting.

I mean, I always viewed this as kind of a quasi-criminal investigation that Durham was doing. And I think it really takes it into a grand jury setting. And that’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of there, because that’s where, if criminal charges are going to occur, they’re going to rise right through that criminal jury — excuse me — that grand jury hearing system.

PAYNE: Yes. It’s — there was always a lot of frustration about the origins of this investigation.


PAYNE: And even more so after the Mueller report was released.

And now some folks believe that there was a deliberate attempt to investigate then-candidate Trump, because of concerns that he would become president of the United States. In your mind, does that reach the level of criminality?

BIGGS: Well, I think it does.

First of all, in order to investigate like that, somebody has to give the approval. And they have to — they have to get FISA warrants, which is what they did here. They have to go before a court. They have to state things that are accurate, under oath — penalty of perjury. That was done here.

They’re not allowed to spy. Some of these intelligence agencies are not allowed to spy directly on Americans. And they were doing this for political purposes. If that’s the case, there’s some various — there’s various criminal statutes that are going to come into play here.

They should be concerned. There were some people that you mentioned your last segment that I think ought to be concerned. There’s others that were not mentioned that ought to be concerned.

PAYNE: Well, who are they, sir? Who are some of other ones we didn’t mention?

BIGGS: I would look at Bruce and Nellie Ohr. I think I’m very concerned about those guys.

And I can’t remember if you mentioned McCabe. I think McCabe should be concerned. I would even suggest that DAG, former DAG Rod Rosenstein should be concerned because he signed off on…

PAYNE: Really?

BIGGS: Yes, he signed off on at least one of those — those FISA warrants.

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