Mark Meadows Interrupts MSNBC Segment — Republicans Aren’t ‘Struggling’ with Impeachment

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) interrupted NBC News correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell when he heard her say, “Republicans are struggling ” with impeachment.

Meadows had walked by Caldwell as she said, “Republicans are really struggling to defend the president.”

Meadows said, “Yeah, I’m not struggling on anything, the Republicans are not struggling on anything.”

Caldwell said, “So congressman, there’s one person who has testified that there’s no quid pro quo, others, many others have said that there is. So how do you justify that, how do you continue to defend the president?”

Meadows said, “Well, there’s more than one, there is one in terms of the deposition being released, which is Ambassador Volkers, yesterday. And even with Ambassador Sondland, he said he doesn’t know why the aid was held up, still doesn’t know, and certainly, from that standpoint, there was no quid pro quo.”

Caldwell asked, “Big picture, is it going to be more difficult, is it getting more difficult to defend this president as more of these testimonies come out?”

Meadows said, “No. In fact the testimony we’re hearing today, it’s actually getting easier to defend the president from a standpoint there is no linkage between aid — in fact, what we’re hearing today is this is part of a broader analysis of foreign aid in general in terms of what we should do. It wasn’t just Ukraine where the aid was held up.”

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