GOP Sen. Kennedy: Impeachment Probe ‘as Rigged as a Carnival Ring Toss’

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump was “as rigged as a carnival ring toss.”

Kennedy said, “Rounds one and two by Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff are as rigged as a carnival ring toss, and we both know that.”

He added, “Have they allowed the president to call his own witnesses? No. Have they allowed him to have his lawyer present? No. Have they allowed him to offer rebuttal evidence? No. Have they allowed him to cross-examine the witnesses that were hand-picked by Speaker Pelosi? No. Whether you like the president or don’t, we both I know agree with due process. Nobody is above the law, but nobody is beneath the law. The Bill of Rights is not an a la carte menu.”

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