MSNBC’s Matthews: World Leaders Hoisted ‘Joke’ Trump on His Own Petard

On Wednesday, during MSNBC’s special coverage of the Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry hearings, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews commented on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson being caught on tape seemingly joking about President Donald Trump.

Matthews said, “To be publicly laughed at by three world leaders, Macron and Justin and Boris, all chuckling together like the boys club and you are not in the club, it was like one of the cartoons where the boys are up in the treehouse, and they are not letting the girls up. They are not letting him up. They are laughing about him. And also the gestures by Justin Trudeau of the face falling falling down and the good audio to pick up the words they are speaking, they were laughing about what we used to call the leader of the free world. He is a joke now. I’d be mad too, but he earned that role. He doesn’t want to be a member of NATO. He doesn’t want to be an ally of anybody. His only friends are world monsters like Putin.”

He added, “You know there a great irony here and maybe a justice here. Who is it that this is most known among world leaders to making fun of other people? Who is most known for mimicking people, their looks, handicaps, laughing at them? Who is most known for that? And here he is hoisted on his own petard by three world leaders and a tape that will be replayed and replayed and replayed. Being laughed at by Boris Johnson, think about that one. Being laughed at by Justin Trudeau, who barely got reelected. He should be lucky to be at any meeting.”

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