FNC’s Wallace: ‘Terrible Misconduct’ from FBI Doesn’t Mean Russia Probe Was Fraudulent

On Wednesday, “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace reacted to Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony by suggesting the FBI deserved the benefit of the doubt.

Wallace said, “Can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a political bias there? No, but it sure does stink when you have three different teams, and they are all pushing the same way, and it’s all for investigating and surveilling Carter Page.”

He added, “That doesn’t mean the entire Russia investigation was fraudulent. One of the points that Pat Leahy, the second Ranking Democrat on the committee made, is he asked Horowitz, ‘how many times as Carter Page mentioned in the Mueller report?’ The answer, according to Leahy, because Horowitz didn’t know, seven pages. So one of the points I think Democrats will make is that it can be true on the one hand that there was terrible misconduct or even potentially crimes in the FISA application and the way in which Carter Page was treated by the federal government. It doesn’t mean though that the entire Russia investigation was therefore illegitimate.”

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