Kevin McCarthy: ‘Ironic’ Bolton Draft Was Leaked to NYT — ‘No Reason This Goes Beyond Friday’

Monday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sounded off on a New York Times report claiming a draft of a book by former National Security Advisor John Bolton accuses President Donald Trump of wanting to withhold aid to Ukraine until it completed investigating former Vice President Joe Biden.

McCarthy said it is “ironic” the draft was leaked to The New York Times, but said the Senate impeachment trial would not go beyond Friday “if you stick to the facts.”

“It’s kind of ironic it’s coming from The New York Times, someone telling The New York Times about a book deal about somebody wants to sell a book before an election,” McCarthy argued.

He continued, “Regardless of all that, you go to the facts: Ukraine got the money. They did nothing to get the money. President Zelensky said there was nothing held up. If you based upon that you have the transcripts, too, which the whole world does, if you stick to the facts there’s no reason why this carries on beyond Friday.”

McCarthy maintained that Democrats “know their case is weak” and they cannot win so they just want to “drag this out.”

“It’s purely political,” he added.

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