Sharpton: Even Republicans Will Think Trump Is Delusional for Claim State of the Union Is Strong

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said on his network on Sunday if President Donald Trump said the state of the union was “strong” during his address, most people watching, including Republicans, will think that he is delusional. 

Sharpton said, “He is absolutely going to say the state of the union is strong because he sees himself as the union. He’s fine. He is not going to be convinced. His friends made a lot of money off the tax cut. The fact that we are now moving toward a trillion-dollar defect, all of that means nothing to him.”

He added, “The narrow world view Donald Trump has, he feels we’re doing fine. I think he’s not only going to say it. He’s going to overstate it on Tuesday night to the point where a lot of people watching is going to think that he’s delusional because he doesn’t know how to just say things reasonably. He’s going to overplay it to where some people that lean his way are going to say wait a minute, ‘We’re not doing that great.’ He’s going to really play that card. That’s who Donald Trump is.”

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