Hostin: Trump Is the ‘Antithesis’ of ‘Everything That Is God-Centered’

Co-host and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin questioned Evangelical’s support of President Donald Trump, who she deemed the “antithesis” of everything that is God-centered on Thursday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View.”

The panel was discussing 2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden’s emotional interaction at a CNN town hall Wednesday evening with a paster who lost his wife in the 2015 Charleston shooting.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “It’s interesting to me that religious people, some who are on Trump’s team like Evangelicals, I don’t see how they don’t go with Biden as opposed to somebody who slept with a porn star while his wife was having a baby.”

Attempting to explain the religious right’s support of the president, co-host Meghan McCain said, “He’s in the way of leftist that want to change their life. Not that they necessarily believe that he’s the greatest guy, and like this religious figure or anything like that, it’s that they think he’s the person that is stopping the culture war from reaching them.”

Hostin said, “It’s so bizarre to me because if you were a person of faith, he is the antithesis of everything that you believe in, everything that is God-centered, he is the antithesis of a moral life.”

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