Cruz: ‘Plausible’ Coronavirus Came from a Lab in China

In a Wednesday interview with Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested it is “plausible” to believe the coronavirus came from a lab in China.

Cruz said China has played a “critical part” in spreading the virus that may have escaped the lab it was being studied in China. He added China wanted to suppress information regarding the outbreak, which is why they spread “ridiculous propaganda” in claiming the American military brought it into their country.

“Number one this pandemic began in China. It began in Wuhan, China,” Cruz told host Maria Bartiromo. “The decisions of the Chinese government played a critical part in causing the pandemic to be as bad as it is because they suppressed information they held out international he health experts cover it up punished whistle-blowers did everything they could to hide public health crisis spreading right in front of them, and had they not done so the chances are we could have stepped in, and saved many, many more lives.”

“[N]o one is arguing that this is a biological weapon the Chinese army created,” he stated. “In fact, what seems plausible, if not likely, is that this was a virus that was being studied at the lab, we knew they were studying bats, we knew they were studying coronaviruses, it was being studied at the lab, and the natural imprint, if there’s an outbreak right next to where they’re studying this virus, is, well, somehow it escaped, presumably accidentally, that some safety protocol wasn’t followed. We don’t know that, but China doesn’t want that question answered for the world to know. And in fact, the Chinese government tweeted out that the American military brought this virus into China. I mean, what a ridiculous propaganda lie. China doesn’t want this known.”

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