McCarthy: Pelosi, Democrats Making it ‘Harder’ on Small Businesses

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Thursday’s Fox News broadcast of “Bill Hemmer Reports” slammed Democrats for delaying additional funding for small businesses amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

McCarthy said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is lying in saying she wants to help the underbanked small businesses in the Paycheck Protection Program. Instead, McCarthy said Pelosi and Democrats are making things “harder” on small businesses.

“What [Pelosi] requested was to make it more burdensome for small businesses,” McCarthy stated. “Right now, it’s only two pages to apply — she now wants more data on you before you can apply, so she makes it harder on small business. This isn’t changing the CARES Act. It’s a one-page bill to move forward, but she said no.”

He continued, “There is no other fund that is out of money except small business. She is the only thing holding it up. She sent an individual to the floor in the Senate to object. Had they not objected, this would have passed by unanimous consent. The Democrats are objecting. Just as she held up the CARES Act for that one week to put in more money for the Kennedy Center and wanted to change for the Green New Deal, she’s trying the exact same thing.”

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