FNC’s Hilton: Democrats ‘Want to Control America but They Are Fundamentally Anti-America’

Sunday, Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton opened his show with a monologue comparing the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, each held over the past two weeks.

Hilton observed the lack of positivity coming out of the Democrats’ convention and concluded that despite wanting to rule America, they were “anti-America.”

Transcript as follows:

But first, the party conventions compared. Let’s start with the Democrats.

Can you think of a single positive statement from their convention? I’ll give you a few seconds. Anything come to mind?

Okay, forget about the positive part. Can you think of a single policy statement they made of any kind? In fact, can you think of anything substantive they said at all? Of course not.

There was nothing positive, no policy, no substance, nothing. But nonstop negativity and a miserable parade of grievance and hate.

They hate Trump. Yes, I think we knew that. They hate Trump supporters. No surprise there.

But here’s what we learned more clearly than ever before. They hate America, too. It’s dark, they said. It’s racist, sexist, ablest, homophobic, Islamophobic, and transphobic. America they implied is irredeemable. You might even say deplorable.

It must be burnt to the ground and rebuilt as a joyless woke dystopia ruled by grim martinets like Kamala Harris. They want to control America, but they are fundamentally anti-America.

Look, I hate racism. I’ve campaigned against it all my life. I hate prejudice and discrimination of all kinds but get a grip, Democrats. Of course, we have work to do to make opportunity more equal, to move closer to that beautiful goal in our Pledge of Allegiance, liberty and justice for all.

And we talk about it often on this show, but for goodness sake, where on Earth — literally, where on Earth are you going to have better opportunities if you’re black or Hispanic or Muslim or gay than here in America?

Don’t the Democrats see the very fact they nominated Kamala Harris, daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants for Vice President disproves their callow contention that America is structurally and systemically racist.

Of course, there’s racism here and we must root it out. That doesn’t make the whole country racist. And by the way, did you hear a single actual policy or proposal from them about how they would stop the racism they see all around? Of course not.

Today’s Democrats aren’t interested in policy, just posturing. They don’t do substance, just slogans.

By contrast, the Republican Convention was positive, substantive, and inclusive. Real policies helping real people and the Vice President of the Navajo Nation said President Trump has done more for Native Americans than any previous President.

Civil Rights leaders, sporting icons, former Democrats said President Trump has done more for Historically Black Colleges and Universities than any previous President. Their testimony, black people in America are lifted up as never before: jobs, opportunities zones, the First Step Act and a second chance.

Trump was right on the virus said a nurse. He delivered on trade said, farmers and fishermen. He’s on our side on guns and school safety said the father of a Parkland school shooting victim.

Joe Biden’s crime bill victims pardoned, legal immigrants welcomed, empowering women, helping small business, backing blue-collar workers, Latina businesswomen, proud veterans, a disabled candidate, a Cuban refugee, a gay National Intelligence Director put there by a Republican President, not a Democrat.

These were the voices of a modern, outward-looking inclusive, and optimistic party.

For years, the left, the media, the snooty, self-righteous establishment smeared and sneered at Republicans as stupid, selfish, racist rubes. They don’t care about poverty or healthcare or gun violence or anything that matters.

Last week’s R.N.C. convention utterly obliterated that false and spiteful caricature. Not only do Republicans care about these things — they’re the ones who get it done. You want better healthcare. It’s Trump’s policies like Right to Try that deliver.

You want to fight poverty, it’s Republican principles like low taxes and less regulation that work.

And yes, if you want racial equality, it is conservative ideas like school choice that will get us there.

Progressive ends, conservative means. American progress with American patriotism. That’s what the Republican Convention made clear in a positive and uplifting way exactly as the President told me it would last Sunday.

I’ve worked in politics and business a long time. I have never seen a more impressive example of strategic communication than last week’s Republican Convention.

Meanwhile, look at these Democrats, what absolute fools they’re making of themselves. They talk about Trump being authoritarian. But now Pelosi wants to cancel the debates, and Hillary’s says Biden shouldn’t concede even if he loses.

They talk about the economic destruction of the last six months when it’s Trump who pushed to end the shutdown and now, it is Biden who says he will extend it.

They talk about justice and police reform when the only actual reform at the Federal level has been delivered by President Trump and in Congress, it was advanced by Republicans and blocked by Democrats.

And the saddest and most stupid of all, they attack Senator Rand Paul screaming “Say her name” when he literally wrote the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act. They are a joke, a pathetic pandering joke.

For Republicans and the Trump campaign, this was the best week since 2016 and you can already see the impact in the polls. What’s the lesson? Reaching out works. Being positive works.

Yes, of course, it is vital to tell people the consequences of a vote for Biden-Bernie, but keep showing that positive inclusive feel-good face.

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