Herschel Walker ‘Upset’ About Slavery Reparations — ‘Pandering for a Vote’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” former NFL star running back Herschel Walker pushed back against the recently passed California legislation that would consider reparations for black people because of slavery.

The former Heisman winner said he is “upset” about the idea of reparations because it is “just pandering for a vote.”

“I’m upset about it because all they are doing is pandering for a vote,” Walker told host MacCallum. “Because let me tell you, why are you paying African-Americans off instead of empowering African-Americans?”

He continued, “They don’t have an answer for what Donald Trump is saying that’s trying to empower African-Americans by putting jobs in those areas, by putting better education in those areas, by going out, putting small businesses, African-American-owned businesses in those areas. What they are trying to do now is pander for a vote. You know, it is sad that they’re going to say I’m going to give you money. Who are you going to give the money to? What about the people that fought to free you as a slave? What about the white people that fought to free you as a slave? Who is considered black? Only if you vote Democratic like Joe Biden said?”

Instead of reparations, Walker suggested teaching black Americans how to work and empowering “African-American-owned businesses.”

“They want to pay you for a vote,” he added. “What about empowering you to run your own business? What about empowering you to become a doctor, to become a lawyer? No one thought about that. Everyone … thinking about let’s pay you off. That’s what they used to do years ago. Let’s get out of that. I thought we wanted to change.”

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