Peggy Noonan: Trump Deserves ‘Exceptional Dishonor’ of a Second Impeachment

Political commentator and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan declared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that President Donald Trump deserves the “exceptional dishonor” of a second impeachment.

Noonan said, “We are in a crisis. This coming week could not be more consequential, more weighted with history. From everything I hear, there are still active conversations going on in Washington with regard to the 25th Amendment and whether or not the president should be essentially judged to be incapacitated. That is amazing enough. Or, another road, second impeachment. He’s already been impeached once. I would take any of the above because I believe the president should leave. I believe he is a danger.”

She added, “On impeachment, my thoughts are this. First of all, he’s dangerous. He should be impeached because he’s showing every signs that on the way out, he’d like to pull down a few more pillars. We don’t know how he’s spending his days, who’s around him. It doesn’t seem to be a lot of people or a lot of first-rate people and real serious counselors, so there’s that danger. I think he breached the Constitution when his supporters breached the grounds of the Capitol. So, I think there’s just, just straight-out reason to remove him. I think future presidents may need to know what the exact boundaries are for presidential behavior. It wouldn’t be bad to show them this week. I also think, you know, President Trump, at this point, he simply deserves exceptional dishonor, and a second impeachment would be an exceptional dishonor. I hope the Republican party does not miss this moment. They should move forward. I think the impeachment should be bipartisan. It will be the only way for it to be really pretty fully accepted, but understood and respected by history, both parties said, ‘No more.'”

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