Tom Cotton: By Sending FEMA to the Border, the Biden Administration Is Admitting It’s a Disaster

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) discussed the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, which has left Democrats offering theories about what has gone wrong.

Recently, the Biden administration announced it was sending FEMA to offer aid at the border. According to Cotton, by making FEMA part of the response, which is typically used to respond to disasters, the Biden administration acknowledged the situation was a “disaster.”

“[A]t no point in that rambling, incoherent answer did Nancy Pelosi even come close to expressing a rational thought about what’s happening at the border. What they inherited from the Trump administration was a border that was closed. We were building a wall, and we were turning away all migrants who had no right to cross into our country. The border — the Biden border crisis, though was created by Joe Biden’s promises of amnesty and open borders and free healthcare for illegals during the campaign. That’s why border crossings have increased every month since the election.”

“And now the Biden administration is sending FEMA to the border. They are, but their own declaration, admitting it’s a disaster. That’s what it is when you deploy FEMA, a disaster. But remember, they’re not deploying FEMA to secure the border, to try to finish the wall, or to stop those migrants from crossing. They’re deploying FEMA to expedite them, to wave them in even faster and give them a bus ticket and a plane ticket and send them wherever they want to go in the United States. That is the Biden border crisis.”

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