Mo Brooks Slams Chamber of Commerce on Immigration — ‘Great Damage’ to Low-Income Families, ‘Impeding the Success’ of Middle Class

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), who earlier this week formally declared his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2022, explained his view on immigration, particularly as it pertains to labor markets, during an interview that aired on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5.

Brooks explained organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce promote immigration policy that “artificially” influences labor markets, which comes with a cost for low-income earners and the middle class.

“[I]f you don’t have an artificial influence on the labor markets if you don’t artificially inflate the labor supply, then if you want that work done, you have to pay workers more to attract them to the work that you want done,” he said. “There is no job in America that Americans won’t do. There are jobs that Americans won’t do at the paltry wages that some employers want to pay. And the employers will be put in a position where they either have to pay the wages that are necessary to attract the workforce they need that is necessary for their businesses to operate, or they go out of business.”

“But that’s the way it is supposed to be in a free enterprise economy where the market forces allocate resources to what’s profitable and denies it to what is not profitable,” Brooks continued. “So, you’re spot-on with your economic analysis, and that’s a very, very big point for the public to understand, and unfortunately, the Chamber of Commerce is just running over us right now and is doing great damage to struggling low-income American families but also impeding the success, the economic success of our middle-class families.”

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