Local GA Democrat Official to MSNBC: We Are Not Enforcing Ban on Distribution of Food, Water to Voters

Gwinnett County, GA Solicitor General Brian Whiteside (D) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that he will not be enforcing the new Georgia voting law by not prosecuting people handing out food and water to voters.

Whiteside said, “Well, basically, we’re not going to prosecute someone who is not campaigning or has partisan paraphernalia on them — someone who is nonpartisan, not campaigning, we will not prosecute them for simply giving food and drink out. This happened continuously last year where people who were not campaigning basically brought food and water to people to help them due to the heat and the hot conditions.”

He added, “There is no rational basis for the law. When you commit to a criminal law, there has to be a basis that there will be harm to a party or to property. There is no harm in someone being humane. There is no criminal nexus here to be humane.”

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