Jason Smith: Cut Off Funding to Central American Countries That Don’t Help with Migrant Crisis

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Kennedy,” House Budget Committee Ranking Member Jason Smith (R-MO) argued that the U.S. should threaten to cut off funding from Central American countries that fail to fix some of the problems they have domestically and help the United States with its migration crisis.

Smith said the U.S. should take the approach of former President Donald Trump, which was telling Central American countries, “[I]f you don’t try to fix some of your problems at home and help us out, we will stop the existing funding that you have, not saying, we’re going to give you more, what Joe Biden just proposed, which is absolutely reckless. President Trump said the current money that you’re receiving, guess what, we’re going to stop that. That’s what we need to say right now. We’re not going to give you more. We’re going to eliminate what you have always been receiving.”

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