Vernon Jones Denounces Critical Race Theory — ‘It’s Racism,’ ‘Should Not Be Taught’

Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones on Monday argued against the teaching of critical race theory in public schools.

Jones, who is challenging Gov. Brian Kemp (R), called the method of teaching “racism” that should not be taught in schools because it is “being abused.

“I’m against it,” Jones told Fox Business Network “Mornings with Maria.” “You know, Maria, if you asked 10 different people what is critical race theory, you get 10 different answers. So, we do know one thing that everybody knows is race-based. And if you teach it in school, it’s racism.”

“You ask 10 different people, you get 10 different definitions,” the former Georgia state lawmaker added. “It’s been taught different ways in different schools, and it’s being abused. And the problem is you are taking young people … next to another young person and pitting one against the other, and you say to even white children, ‘Look, you’re responsible for what happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago,’ and they don’t have a clue. So, it being race-based, and you are teaching in a way that you’re teaching racism. It does not make any sense. I’m totally against it. Georgia shouldn’t have it. I call on our governor to stop it. I was with the local school board just recently the other night. I had my representative there saying, ‘Look, ban it in those local schools.’ There is no place for critical race theory. We can’t talk about history. We can’t … teach about things we don’t know about, where it’s becoming abusive. And it’s … race-based. What else can you say? It just should not be taught.”

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