GOP Rep. Brady Warns Biden Tax Increase Will Cut 6 Million Jobs — ‘America Becomes a Net Loser’

Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) sounded the alarm on President Joe Biden’s efforts to undo former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts to help pay for a new infrastructure bill.

The ranking Republican member on the House Ways and Means Committee argued that “America becomes a net loser” from the increase in taxes because it will kill 6 million jobs across the country.

“We need new investments in infrastructure. This has been traditionally a bipartisan issue. Both parties care about this a great deal. So, one, I think we can come together on what true infrastructure is — not wasteful spending, not the Green New Deal, not more green subsidies for the wealthy. I think we can arrive on true infrastructure, and I think the important thing here is don’t fund infrastructure on the back of working families,” Brady stated. “President Biden’s tax increases do exactly that, and they’re just not needed. And the bottom line is with these tax increases in there, America becomes a net loser. We actually lose jobs off of infrastructure, which makes no sense.”

Brady pointed out that Biden repeatedly vowed on the campaign trail to repeal all of the GOP tax cuts.

“That is a major $2,000 a year tax increase on working families. Certainly, it makes America’s businesses less competitive here and around the world. [I think it would] kill about six million jobs in America, but of course, President Biden … is well on his way to killing millions of jobs just because of his policy issues,” he advised.

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