Maher: Trump’s Deal with Taliban Is Irrelevant, ‘We Have a New Administration’ – Withdrawal ‘Done Horribly’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher said that arguments about the deal former President Donald Trump cut with the Taliban are irrelevant because “We have a new administration” and the Taliban was never going to follow any deal. Maher further argued that Biden’s execution of the withdrawal “was done horribly.”

After Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed defended the deal Trump cut with the Taliban, Maher stated, “It’s a bullshit argument about the deal. Who gives a f*ck about the deal? The deal was no deal. … We have a new administration. The old administration was a crazy man, and he made a deal with people who were never going to abide by any deal. They’re the Taliban. They’re laughing at a deal. So, Joe Biden…I said it last week, I don’t know how it could have gone worse under Trump. Why did we pull out the security guard before we got the people out of the disco? It was done horribly. It depresses me a lot, like I said, that the adults take over and then they can’t do better than what the children were doing. So, execution, F, absolutely.”

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