Scarborough: People Behind Trump ‘Fueling’ His Conspiracies — ‘They Are the Threat to American Democracy’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Monday called for the people behind former President Donald Trump to be looked into for “fueling” his stolen election “conspiracy” theories.

According to Scarborough, “Trumpist” Republican legislators are reinforcing Trump’s lies about “rigged elections” in Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere by strengthening voting law. He said the people behind him are “the threat to American democracy.”

“These Republican legislatures that are Trumpists are now passing legislation that takes the power away from election officials, it takes the power away from secretaries of state, it takes the power away from governors to certify election votes that are straightforward,” Scarborough outlined. “Mika, let’s just start telling the truth. You see the people behind Donald Trump? They’re the people who are fueling this — every bit as much as Donald Trump. They’re the ones that are preferring the lies. They’re the ones that are going to the conspiracy sites. They’re the ones that are getting their information instead of from the Associated Press or Reuters or the BBC. They’re getting it from Chinese religious cults that start websites in America to expand their reach. And then they go, ‘Oh, we can’t trust the AP. We can’t the mainstream media. Oh, but here is some information from the Chinese religious cult. What do you think about that?'”

“That’s the insanity that we live in,” he added. “And we need to stop looking at Trump and these images and start looking at the people behind him who know the truth but would rather live in a lie.”

Scarborough concluded, “Every day they reinforce Donald Trump’s lies about Arizona. Every day they reinforce his lies about Georgia. Every day they reinforce his lies about rigged elections. They are the threat to American democracy.”

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