Kennedy: ‘Biden Is About as Popular as a Fever Blister’

During an appearance on Fox News, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) weighed in on President Joe Biden’s eroding poll numbers, particularly as Biden and Democrats on Capitol Hill are attempting to pass multi-trillion-dollar spending packages.

The Louisiana Republican described Biden as being as “popular as a fever blister.”

“President Biden has two bills that he’s pushing,” Kennedy said. “The fake infrastructure bill, which will spend $400 billion that we don’t have, and the bill to which you referred, the spending orgy reconciliation bill which, by the way, President Biden says is free. I would remind you that mice die in mouse traps because they think the cheese is free. This bill is not free. It’ll cost everybody.”

“The bill would have $4 trillion worth of new spending, $2 trillion worth of new taxes, $2 trillion worth of new debt,” Kennedy continued. “And it includes the provision to which you were referring, Sean. It would require our banks to report the daily transactions to the IRS of everyone’s checking account. If you have a job in America, you’re going to have your daily transactions, hourly transactions reported to the IRS.”

“As one of my colleagues, Senator Lummis, says, whether you buy a couch or a cow, the IRS is going to know about it,” he added. I don’t know about you, but it gives me the creep vibes. If you — if you want to learn more about it, I put a piece on my website at, But this is one more example why at least in my state, President Biden is about as popular as a fever blister. They just don’t understand this stuff.”

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