CNN’s John Berman: Biden’s Poll Numbers ‘Are, to Use the Technical Term, Not Good’

CNN anchor John Berman said Friday on “New Day” that President Joe Biden’s tanking poll numbers were “not good.”

Berman said, “President Biden’s poll numbers are, to use the technical term, not good. And for Democrats, there are even more troubling numbers underneath the surface.”

He added, “The numbers here they tell a clear story.”

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said, “They do tell a clear story. Again, to use the technical term, not good. This is the trend in Joe Biden’s job approval rating. Look at August 1, approval 51%, a net of plus eight. Look at September minus three, disapproval above the approval. Now minus 5, so essentially going in the wrong direction. Not good.”

Berman said, “Clearly underwater at this point. So who is driving this, Harry?”

Enten said, “He is down among Democrats, down among Republicans, and down among Independents. But among Democrats, down 10, among Republicans, down 12, among Independent, he is down 19 points. He was in positive territory on August 1 at plus 3. He is now minus 16 points net approval rating with Independents. It’s those folks in the center of the electorate who are driving this.”

Berman said, “They have moved a lot and moved pretty quickly. Why are independents important for Joe Biden?”

Enten said, “They are the reason he won in the 2021 election.”

He added, “Now that he is underwater with them, a very bad sign.”

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