Watch: FNC’s Hannity Calls Out ‘Failed’ Late-Night Host Jimmy Kimmel

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity said Wednesday on his show “Hannity” that “failed” late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is “trying to take cheap shots.”

Hannity said, “Before we go, failed late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, his ratings do suck. He is trying to take cheap shots. He wants to have another fight with yours truly for accurately calling out the never-ending struggle Joe Biden. So Jimmy, obviously, your memory is short. You’re desperate for attention. Pick a fight with Hannity because you know I’m going to hit you back. I’m going to hit you back ten times harder. I am up for a fight any day.”

He continued, “Anyway, Biden did abandon Americans in Afghanistan, Jimmy. Are you upset about it? He created a massive self-inflicted super-spreader disaster of the border. Do you care about health? Inflation in this country is going to the roof. Supply chains are strained throughout the country. Biden abandoned energy independence. Now he is begging OPEC to produce more oil. Here is your biggest problem. I’m going to give you unsolicited career advice. You’re not funny anymore. Your ratings suck because of it. Maybe if you stopped being so political, higher better writers. Every once in a while, when people are chanting F Joe Biden he you might want to run it. If you want to have this fight, OK, buckle up. I have got archives that go back your entire career, and we’ll have it out. Anyway, joe was booed all over the country again this weekend. You know if it was Trump, you would run it. It’s pretty fascinating.”

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