Scarborough: House GOP’s ‘Extreme Members’ Will Soon Be ‘Dominating What Goes on There’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday reacted to a report that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had to play peacemaker between the members of his caucus “who are closely aligned with former President Donald Trump” and those who voted to pass the Democrats’ so-called infrastructure package.

Scarborough said McCarthy “sacrificed his political soul to be Speaker of the House” and was thus losing Trump’s respect. He argued that “the most extreme members of the Republican Party” would soon be “dominating” that caucus.

“Kevin McCarthy has sacrificed his political soul to be speaker of the House,” Scarborough outlined. “Donald Trump is saying more and more every day how little respect he has for Kevin McCarthy because he’s not siding with the really extreme members of that Republican caucus because he’s trying at times to act like a speaker in waiting should act, needs to act, but he can’t do that. And so what we’re seeing is, in the words of my grandma, you don’t want to let that horse out of the barn. The horse is starting to get out of the barn, and pretty soon, you’re going to see the most extreme members of the Republican Party inside the House caucus dominating what goes on there.”

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