Waltz: Biden’s Iran Approach Will Be ‘What Can We Concede’ to Get a Deal, Partial Deal Would Be Weaker Than Obama Iran Deal

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) stated that a partial Iran nuclear deal would be weaker than the Iran nuclear deal struck under the Obama administration and that the Biden team’s approach to Iran will be “what can we concede, what can we give away,” so we can get back into a deal.

Waltz stated, “Well, this is even a weaker deal than the Obama-era Iran deal. So, what they’re talking about is lifting just a few sanctions, just a little bit of sanctions for just a little bit of restrictions on the nuclear program. And, I mean, that’s just exactly the wrong approach, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Because the same team that was around Obama is now around Biden. And it’s basically, rather than going to maximum sanctions and maximum pressure to get a longer and stronger deal which would encompass terrorism, which would encompass hostages, their missile program, and a true inspection regime on their nuclear program, they’re going to go back to the table and, you know, what can we concede, what can we give away, what sanctions can we lift… Iranian regime will you give us just anything so we can say we got back into a deal? And that’s going to lead to a nuclear-armed Iran and Israel will take action. They won’t accept that.”

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