GOP Rep. Boebert: Ilhan Omar, the Left Do Not Want an Apology — ‘They Want Public Humiliation’

Monday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) spoke out about her dust-up with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who Boebert had made disparaging remarks about earlier this year while being videotaped.

Boebert had attempted to apologize to the Minnesota Democrat but insisted the exercise was part of an effort to distract from Democrat shortcomings.

“Look, Laura, I called to speak with her directly about me reflecting on my comments about her,” she said. “I had made a public statement. But she didn’t want to hear what I had to say. In her press release really was like it was drafted before the phone call even had took place. Omar and the left don’t want an apology. They want public humiliation.”

“They want to cancel me, but that is not going to happen,” Boebert continued. “Laura, I want to say this to you and the millions of Americans who watch this show — I will not be canceled. We all know why CNN and the left want to focus on these distractions. It’s because they have no winning issues to talk about. Democrats can’t talk about skyrocketing inflation or the invasion at our southern border. They can’t talk about the Americans still stranded in Afghanistan. They can’t talk about the supply chain shortages, workforce shortages, or gas shortages.”

“Why can’t talk about these crises?” she added. “Because they caused every one of them. Democrat policies have failed. One-party order for one year, and they are failing every single American. So they’ll focus on Ilhan’s outrage rather than the outrage of the American people who are suffocating under Biden’s failed regime.”

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