CNN’s Cooper: Arrogance of Unvaccinated Is ‘Infuriating’ — Shirking ‘Responsibilities’ to Society

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper said Thursday on his show “Anderson Cooper 360” that those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are arrogantly shirking their responsibilities to society, which he finds “infuriating.”

During a report from a Michigan hospital, a 62-year-old COVID patient named Deborah LaRoche said she will not get vaccinated after her recovery adding, “I should be okay now.”

Cooper said, “I don’t know as a doctor or a nurse, how one deals with when you have a patient who has refused to get vaccinated, gets COVID and sits there while she is still in the hospital and says she will not get a vaccine in the future. It’s infuriating.”

He continued, “These nurses who are are having panic attacks and having to hide crying because they don’t want to upset their children and how it impacts their families; again, I don’t know why the person who said she will not get vaccinated bothers me so much. But what right do she have to make these nurses have panic attacks and affect the nurse’s children? Anyway, sorry.”

He added, “It’s why I couldn’t be a nurse or a doctor because I would just be livid. It just seems the height of arrogance. Why is her life so — why does she get to choose and then continue to be patient and have negative impacts on the nurses and ruin their family lives. It seems ridiculous.”

Cooper concluded, “We’re not all islands. We’re are connected whether you want to be or not. You live in a community, you live in a society, you get benefits because of that and there are responsibilities. Anyway I’ll get off my little soapbox.”

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