Alex Marlow Interviews ‘Woke, Inc.’ Author Ramaswamy on the ‘Woke-Industrial Complex,’ What It Is, and How to Fight It

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow sat down with Vivek Ramaswamy, author of Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam, for a discussion about Ramaswamy’s investigation of how the intersection of corruption between industry and politics evolved into a “woke-industrial complex.”

Ramaswamy warned of an “identity crisis” in America being driven by left-wing “identity politics” sowing seeds of agitation across the lines of race, sex, and sexual preference. He proposed a resistance to leftist social fragmentation in the form of mandatory “civic service” to generate civic nationalism and national unity.

He said political and corporate elites use “wokeness” to create an illusion of virtue for themselves to hide their depraved conduct. He highlighted Coca-Cola and Nike as examples of corporations funding and supporting “antiracism” and “Black Lives Matter” campaigns to distract from the harms caused by their products and operations. He observed how Coca-Cola’s business model is built on sugary beverages contributing to diabetes, obesity, and broader metabolic illness. Nike’s business model, he added, depends on “slaves” in Asia.

Ramaswamy explained how the “woke-industrial complex” expanded opportunities for government corruption relative to previous eras. For example, the U.S. government uses aligned Big Tech corporations to circumvent constitutional restraints on its power to surveil American citizens.

The “woke-industrial complex,” he concluded, poses an existential threat to America.


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