CNN’s King Paints Bleak Outlook on Biden Presidency — ‘It Is Very Dark for Him Right Now’

CNN anchor John King on Friday sounded off on President Joe Biden’s presidency heading into the midterm elections.

King provided a grave outlook on Biden given his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the economy. He said the country and his party are both “frustrated” with Biden and argued it is “very dark for him right now.”

“I’m reminded of an old saying. John McCain used to mangle this quote from Chairman Mao. He used to say it is darkest before it turns completely black. That’s where Joe Biden is right now — just, you know, schools are closing, people out in the country have COVID exhaustion, here in Washington, the president is disappointing his own base,” King emphasized. “So, he has two giant problems. One with the broader country that doesn’t wake up every day with a checklist — you know, what did Joe Biden do for me today? They wake up every day to try to live their very complicated, stressful lives now in the beginning of year three of this pandemic, and candidate Joe Biden said I’m not Donald Trump; I’ll be better at this. President Joe Biden, back in July, said we’re going to begin a summer of freedom. Well, people don’t feel like they have that summer of freedom, do they, with Omicron surging? So, the COVID frustration, the impact on schools, on businesses, on the economy, on public health has an exhausted country saying, ‘Mr. President, you really haven’t given us what you promised.’ Then his own base says, ‘Mr. President, you haven’t given us what you promised.'”

“The country is frustrated. His party is frustrated,” he added. “We’re two weeks into a midterm election year, a few days away from Biden’s one-year anniversary of inauguration, and it is black — it is very dark for him right now.”

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