Exclusive Video — Canadian YouTuber Viva Frei: ‘Legacy Media’ Are ‘Outright Lying’ About Freedom Convoy

Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

Canadian YouTuber David Freiheit, who operates under the name Viva Frei, told Breitbart News on Tuesday in Ottawa, ON, that the “legacy media” and “politicians” are “outright lying” about the Freedom Convoy in Canada’s capital city.

Freiheit has done hour-long livestreams from Ottawa across recent days, documenting events at and around Parliament Hill in the city’s downtown core.

“The first thing you need to know is that … the legacy media of Canada is outright lying,” Freiheit said when asked what distant observers should know about the ongoing demonstration in Ottawa. “The politicians are outright lying. They’re banking on the fact that a majority of the people are getting their news from the same outlets that they pay to lie.”

Those consuming and trusting “legacy news media,” he warned, end up believing false characterizations of the protest.

He remarked, “If you believe what you were told, you would not feel safe walking here, and you would think that something is going on here that is not going on here.”

The demonstrations include “people crying with joy,” he shared, while others “are crying from tragedy that they’ve gone through the last two years.”

The Freedom Convoy renewed many Canadians’ sense of patriotism, Freiheit held.

“People are saying that their face muscles hurt from smiling so much, and that they haven’t smiled so much in two years, that they haven’t been this proud to be Canadian in two years, and that they haven’t felt this level of patriotism in two years,” he stated.

Frei echoed sentiments shared by other demonstration supporters framing the event as defined by “love.”

He concluded, “When they talk about a summer of love, this would be a winter of love. [It is] nothing but people walking around, hugging, playing hockey, eating outside. This is nothing but the most peaceful, peace-loving, law-abiding people you’ve ever seen. They’re shoveling the sidewalks. They’re cleaning up their garbage. Just  look around, it’s a thing of beauty.”


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