Gutfeld: We Have to Ask Ourselves if We Are Being ‘Manipulated into Entering a War?’

Co-host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday on FNC’s “The Five” that he was suspicious of the media’s narrative about the war in Ukraine.

Gutfeld said, “I  think the overarching message is we should be very wary based on messages coming out of Ukraine or Russia. There’s a lot of stuff we hear about that turns out to not be true. The media is framing this in a way that is — this isn’t my analogy this is the way I feel – that Ukraine is like the child of a divorce and they’re fighting for custody, and Russia is the biological parent, and we are the stepmom who doesn’t want the abusive dad to get him. That may not be an accurate analogy, but that’s how I feel the narrative dynamic is going.”

He continued, “You have to wonder when you’re listening whether these pellets are real or not whether we’re being artificially pulled into a conflict, right, through this David and Goliath narrative that we’re given.”

Gutfeld added, “I’m not saying it’s not true. But I’m saying you have to be aware of what’s true versus what stands out. Every day planes leave every second of the day. The only thing that stands out is when a plane crashes. So we like the stuff that stands out to be reported, but it’s not necessarily representative of reality. We have to ask ourselves every day, are we being manipulated into entering a war that we should be no part of? I resent anybody saying you must be pro-Russian or pro-Putin. No, I’m pro American.”

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