Dingell: ‘We’ve Got a Hiring Crisis’ Contributing to Formula Shortage

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Way Too Early,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) stated that one issue contributing to the national baby formula shortage is that “we’ve got a hiring crisis in this country.” And as a result, “FDA is having a difficult time hiring some of the people that they need.”

Dingell said, “Well, some of us are introducing a bill that is going to invoke the Defense [Production] Act. Because we do believe that this is a crisis and we need to move everything we can to get going. As that Abbott plant reopens, there [are] some disturbing reports…so we want to make sure there [are] independent safety inspectors in there ensuring that the formula that is going to be produced is safe for mothers to use with their children. We are looking at expanding — legislation that would say to WIC, expand the number of formulas that mothers can buy. I think we’re looking at everything that’s possible. And we’ve got a hiring crisis in this country. FDA is having a difficult time hiring some of the people that they need. And we are putting more money into making sure that the FDA has the resources that they need to address this problem. We are now talking about our children. Our children, when they are born, need to have proper access to nutrition, to be able to get the food they need to live. This is a crisis for all of us.”

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