Van Jones on Biden Gun Speech: ‘He Did a Masterful Job, It Was a Beautiful Job’

CNN political commentator Van Jones said Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that President Joe Biden did a “masterful” job during his address to the nation calling for gun reforms after the recent mass shootings.

Jones said, “First of all, I think people should be encouraged. The boards are starting to creak under the weight of the pain of this country. So many funerals, so many dead bodies and dead children, the boards are starting to creak. I think people should be encouraged. I think the president did a fantastic job.”

He continued, “He went from being the consoler-in-chief to being the educator-in-chief. He walked through the common-sense arguments that are there and did it in a way any regular person would say this at least makes sense. This is not somebody trying to take everybody’s guns away. He even showed he is listening to some of the criticism on the 18 to 21 by saying yes, our 18-year-olds in the military, they can have those weapons because they’re supervised and trained by the best in the world. That is not the same as somebody going and grabbing a gun as soon as they turn 18 and shooting up someplace. I thought he did a masterful job. It was a beautiful job. His heart was there but wasn’t just heart, was smart. He put forth the argument, I think, in a very profound way. I think people should be encouraged. The boards are starting to creak.”

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