Bernstein: Hutchinson’s Testimony Now ‘Proven’ Trump Is a Criminal Seditious President

CNN contributor Carl Bernstein said Tuesday on his network’s coverage of today’s hearing by the House Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021, that the testimony from Mark Meadow’s former aide Cassidy Hutchinson proved Donald Trump was a criminal, seditious present.”

Bernstein said, “She gave the picture of a mad king. That’s what picture she drew was. Also, the whole idea is now absolutely confirmed, proven. He is a criminal and a seditious president of the United States, how the legal system, the Department of Justice deals with that, and we’re now talking about future obstruction evidence as Liz Cheney indicated, obstruction by the president of the United States presumably.”

He added, “There is now both a legal, moral, and political case in which Donald Trump is now in a total box, including with his supporters who have gone along with his criminality, who have gone along with his sedition up to now. So one of the big questions is how are some of these Republicans going to explain their silence, including Mitch McConnell. He’s known perhaps not that he was so far gone in his stability that he would try to grab the steering wheel, but look, on CNN, in the first and second years of Trump’s presidency, we were hearing from Republicans on the Hill using the term instability. He seems to be an unstable president. These same Republicans, as their wishes, as their political wishes became realized through Donald Trump as an instrument, they move aside, went along with things, they have known all along about this aspect of his quote character. They did not, perhaps, know that it went so far as the mad king that she was picturing today.”

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