FNC’s Thiessen: Mar-a-Lago Raid ‘Unprecedented’ — FBI ‘Squandered’ Trust

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen said Wednesday on “The Story” that the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was “unprecedented.”

Thiessen said, “Look, this search was not unlawful, but it was unprecedented. The American people are owed answers.”

He continued, “Quite frankly, the FBI has squandered the trust of the American people and their fairness and objectivity. This is the same FBI that used the Democrat-funded Clinton campaign-funded Steele Dossier as the element of their FISA applications to surveil the Trump campaign. This is the same FBI that falsified evidence to the FISA court, leaving the chief FISA court official to say she doesn’t trust anything the FBI tells her.”

He added, “This is the same FBI just last month. Senator Chuck Grassley said FBI whistleblowers, including senior officials, came to him and said there was a conspiracy within the FBI to suppress the Hunter Biden investigation by painting information that was credible as Russian disinformation. FBI Director Wray says it is deeply disturbing.”

He added, “The FBI has no credibility. They have to explain themselves. Seven years of relentlessly pursuing Donald Trump. They need to explain why this time was different and why they had a right to do it. They lost a right to remain silent.”

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