Cuellar: Congress Doesn’t Have ‘Magical Solution’ to Policing, Local Police Know Who the Bad Apples Are

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) stated that Congress can do some things to improve policing in America and he hopes there is police reform at the federal level, “But a lot of it can be done at the local level.”

Cuellar stated that he hopes there is new momentum for police reform in Congress and “There are certain things we can do at the federal level. And I understand, especially when it comes to issues [like] one policeman quits one police force and then crosses state lines, I understand all of that. But a lot of it can be done at the local level. And we can provide the resources and help in any way that we can. But the local police will know what needs to be done. They know who are the bad apples…who needs to be disciplined. So, local government plays a role, certainly the state plays a role, and the federal level comes in. But if everybody’s looking at the federal level for a magical solution, I don’t think we’re the right place. The local level does play a role. But again, I understand, certain issues like somebody quits and then goes and doesn’t tell them that they had disciplinary problems in another state, I understand all of that. But the local level has to play a role in this.”

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