Dem Rep. Himes: ‘Real Concerns’ Biden Admin Not Being More Forthcoming with Intel

Representative Jim Himes (D-CT), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said on Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he has “real concerns” about the Biden administration not being “more forthcoming” about the objects flying over American airspace.

Anchor Chuck Todd asked,  “So, let me ask, what can you tell us, and have you been briefed yet?”

Himes said, “Well, Chuck, the first balloon, the one that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, we got a very extensive briefing on at the Gang of Eight level, and then subsequently, the entire Congress got a top-secret briefing on it. So we’re pretty good on that one. You lose track of these things. You know, since then, there’s been the shoot down over Alaska and the shoot down over the Yukon. Congress has been out of session, so we have not been directly briefed on that. Our staffs have been kept informed. But the reality, I think part of the reason, and by the way, I have real concerns that the administration is not more forthcoming with everything it knows. The problem with the second and the third objects were shot down in very remote areas, so my guess is there’s just not a lot of information out there yet to share.”

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