Biden: DOJ Didn’t Need Search Warrants for My Homes Unlike Trump, That Is ‘Totally Different’

President Joe Biden said Friday on ABC’s “World News Tonight” that his classified documents case was “totally different” from former President Donald Trump’s.

Partial transcript as follows:

DAVID MUIR: There are many who will understand why you can’t comment while your lawyers are saying not to comment. They also saw you, though, comment on former President Trump. And so at the very least–

BIDEN: Because look here’s they were showing they wish you guys were showing on television things lying on the ground and said top secret national, you know, code word. And the difference is every single solitary thing I’ve been asked to do, I’ve done voluntarily. I’ve invited the Justice Department to come into every aspect of any place that I had any control of. There was no need for search warrants were no need… What do you need? Just come. Whatever you want, whatever you want, wherever you want to go, you can go. That was totally different.

MUIR: But that one word you used when you when you hear about boxes in your garage or in your old office, you called the Trump discovery ‘irresponsible.’ Is there something irresponsible here, though, too?

BIDEN: You know, you’re a good lawyer, but you’re trying to make a comparison. What– there’s degrees of irresponsibility that are, they can be significant degrees of responsibility. What… The way in which the boxes were packed up from my office. Apparently not everything was gone through, as meticulous as it should have.

But there was no intention. I opened up my home. All my homes. My homes, my home at the beach. And the home that I… My permanent home. And they spent hours and hours going through everything personal, everything I had. And that’s a fundamentally different thing. There’s nothing for me to hide.

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