Biden: Kevin McCarthy an ‘Honest Man’ Who ‘Sold Away Everything’ to the Far Right

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle previewed her interview with President Joe Biden Friday on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” in which the president accused Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) of having “sold away everything” to the “far, far right.”

Ruhle asked, “Is Kevin McCarthy an honest broker for you to negotiate with?”

Biden responded, “I think he’s an honest man. I think he’s in a position, though. He had to make a deal that was pretty, you know, 15 votes. Fifteen votes where he just about sold away everything that he, that the far, far right. There’s a Republican Party and there’s the MAGA Republicans, and the MAGA Republicans really have put him in a position where in order to stay speaker, he has to agree, he’s agreed to things that maybe he believes, but are just extreme.”

Ruhle asked, “Given the power that they have, is there anything you believe you can get done in the next two years on a bipartisan basis, and if so, what?”

Biden replied, “The answer is yes, I do, if I get a chance to get votes. They have to vote.”

Discussing the interview with host Ari Melber, Ruhle said, “He did say that he would not rule out invoking the 14th Amendment, which basically means that we would blow through the debt ceiling, and they would keep on trucking. That is noteworthy.”

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