Dem Rep. Goldman: House GOP’s Corruption Allegation Against Biden ‘Complete Garbage’

Representative Daniel Goldman (D-NY) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that House Republicans’ allegations against President Joe Biden are “complete garbage.”

Anchor Chris Hayes said, “Pointing to something and saying, ‘There’s something nefarious afoot’ is easier than saying what the thing is. In this case, they have gotten a lot of mileage from pointing to this document as if there’s some bombshell contained within. What do we know about what is in there?”

Goldman said, “Well, my understanding is that there is information provided by an FBI source who has been credible, but has no firsthand information. So, this FBI source is reporting information to the FBI that was provided by the source from somebody else. Now, that relates to the completely debunked and false allegations about sort of corruption related to then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who was on the board of Burisma.”

He added, “Now you will remember, Chris, because I know you studied it well, that during the impeachment investigation 17 witnesses, experts, former ambassadors Ukraine experts said that what Joe Biden was doing in Ukraine, and urging Ukraine to remove their prosecutor general, was done consistent with U.S. policy because this prosecutor general was not investigating corruption including at companies like Burisma. So what Biden was doing would actually have hurt Burisma if it were to play out. This is complete garbage. You don’t have to take my word for it, because the Trump DOJ, as you just said, looked into this specific document. They determined that it was not worth pursuing these allegations. This is a complete nothing burger, that they are trying to launder through official committees of Congress once again in order to politically harm President Biden. There is nothing here. There’s no merit to any of this.”

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