Ernst: We Want to Stop Biden from Delivering the State of the Union

Monday, during an appearance on FBN’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) raised the possibility of stopping President Joe Biden from delivering the State of the Union address to Congress later this week given what may not be included in the speech.

Ernst endorsed Rep. Buddy Carter’s (R-GA) idea that the President would not be invited, given the absence of a national security strategy and a budget for the next fiscal year.

“Do you think that the president’s going to raise [Laken Riley] at the State of the Union?” FBN host Maria Bartiromo asked. “I mean, can he actually do an entire State of the Union and not mention Laken Riley being murdered by an illegal? He’s delivering the SOTU on Thursday Senator. I know that you and Congressman Buddy Carter have a bill that says, look, you’re not going to be invited to address Congress. We will borrow Biden from addressing Congress until Biden provides Congress with his national security strategy and budget request. How is it possible that you still don’t have a national security strategy?”

“Oh, exactly, and I want to thank Congressman Buddy Carter as well,” Ernst replied. “I know you had him on earlier. It is unfathomable that we do not have a national security strategy from the president, nor do we have his budget for the upcoming fiscal year. And because of that, we want to stop him from actually delivering the State of the Union. Going back to Laken Riley, do I think that he will bring this up in the State of the Union, absolutely not. Why would he bring focus on the failures of his presidency? Number one the border, number two Americans that are losing their lives at the hands of illegal migrants and fentanyl.”

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