Howard Dean: Biden Is Going to Win Election ‘Reasonably Handily’

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that President Joe Biden will win the presidential election “reasonably handily.”

Dean said, “The problem for him is going to be in the numbers that you showed earlier in the show, is the 20% of the people who actually take the time to vote in a Republican primary after Trump has already clinched the nomination that can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump.”

He added, “That’s going to be Trump’s undoing at the end. I’m still convinced Biden is going to win this reasonably handily. I think it’s because all of those people who are voting for Nikki Haley now in the Republican primary where she doesn’t have a chance, those are people who are not going to be able to vote for Donald Trump. They’ll either stay home or vote for Biden. As we get closer and closer to the election, I think they’re going to decide they have to vote for Biden. A vote for nobody is a vote for Trump.”

Dean concluded, “The business about the bloodbath was a disaster. There are a lot of patriotic conservatives in the country. They are not going to want to support a president who talks like that under any circumstances.”

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