Madeleine Dean: ‘Trump Would Be a Useful Idiot to Mr. Netanyahu’

Representative Madeleine Dean (D-PA) said Friday on CNN’s “News Central” that former President Donald Trump “would be a useful idiot” to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dean said, “When we’re talking about this very critical subject, I can’t think of anything more starkly clear. Mr. Netanyahu, I believe, is waiting his days out because he would like to have the return of what I believe is a useful idiot to people like Mr. Netanyahu.”

She added, “Mr. Netanyahu, after all, let’s think about this, he was not honest about how he was going to prosecute this war. He told us they could be more targeted and strategic instead, he’s dropped 2000 pound dumb bombs and taken out whole villages, whole buildings and neighborhoods. Mr. Netanyahu does not want a two-state solution. Neither doesn’t Mr. Trump. We are better off, the world is better off, and the Palestinian people the, Israeli people will be better off if Mr. Netanyahu is ultimately decided in a new vote, whether or not he should continue.”

Dean concluded, “Mr. Trump would be a useful idiot to Mr. Netanyahu’s, I think failed ways, the failure of the prosecution of this war. Israel had the right, has the right and obligation to defend itself. It’s security, its borders. Jews around the world have the right to this homeland. But at the same time, we have to lift up the homeland of the Palestinian people. Mr. Trump would not be anywhere near that just as Mr. Netanyahu isn’t. Mr. Biden is the world leader who can lead us toward a two-state solution and toward the region living in a more peaceful place.”

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