MSNBC’s Kirschner on Hush Money Case: Trump Going ‘Down in Flames’

MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner said Friday on “The ReidOut” that former President Donald Trump is going “down in flames” in the upcoming  New York hush money trial.

Host Joy Reid said, “How do you expect the prosecutor to handle this case? It’s his biggest case, Alvin Bragg. He’s in the central spotlight here. What do you expect him to do? How do you expect him to conduct it?”

Kirschner said, “Oh, I expect we’re going to see a very professional, very compelling presentation of the government’s case in chief, the evidence the prosecution will introduce to try to prove the charges. I wish there were cameras in that courtroom because we could sure benefit from seeing it ourselves.”

He continued, “But what Donald Trump, I don’t think will ever understand or appreciate is, he has been trying this case in the court of public opinion where there are no rules of evidence, no rules of law and the Constitution doesn’t apply. Once this moves into a court of law proper, he won’t be able to say and do the things that he has been saying and doing to tear down our institutions of government day in and day out. And once the rules of law and procedure and evidence apply, I believe that he is going to go down in flames because the evidence against him is powerful, it’s corroborated. There is an audio recording of him involving himself in the corrupt scheme to make these hush money payments and cover them up.”

Kirschner added, “So I think the prosecution is up to the task of presenting the evidence professionally and in a compelling way.”

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