Hillary Clinton: The ‘Cruelty’ of Arizona Abortion Ban Is So Troubling

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday on NBC’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show ” that Arizona’s recently reinstated abortion ban is “cruelty.”

Clinton said, “It is horrifying in every way. You know, I feared it would happen, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen, and now here we are in the middle of this very difficult period for women in about half the states of our country.”

She continued, “There’s another element to it which I find so troubling. I mean, there’s a kind of cruelty to it. No exceptions for rape, incest, I mean, really? There’s a cruelty toward women, toward women’s lives.”

Clinton added, “I want to vote in a way that’s going to make life better for the maximum number of people and not try to impose your views on the rest of us. Whatever you care about, voting is your superpower. It may not seem like it, but it really is. That’s what we are trying to say in this musical that I’m helping to produce called Suffs about how women got the right to vote.”

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