Michael Douglas on Biden’s Mental Acuity: People Say He’s Sharp as a Tack

Actor Michael Douglas said Sunday on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS that people say President Joe Biden is as “sharp as a tack” while discussing the president’s age.

Host Fareed Zakaria said, “So you and Biden are about the same age. Are you one of those people who wished he had bowed out and let the field choose somebody else? How do you think about that?”

Douglas said, “Well, I think that I walk a little similar to him. And the people that I’ve talked to and everybody that I have say he’s sharp as a tack.”

“He’s fine. We all have an issue with memories as we get older, we forget names. He’s overcome a stutter in his life,” he added. “But let’s just say that his entire cabinet, including his vice president, everybody in his cabinet would be more than happy to work with him again in the next term. I cannot say that about the other candidate running because nobody in his cabinet from 2016 wants to be involved with him.”

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