AZ Sec of State Fontes: Threats Against Elections Officials Is ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Democrat Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that threats to election officials were “domestic terrorism.”

Fontes said, “One of the critical components as well is the notion that it is not just those of us who are on TV who run elections. We have tens of thousands of jurisdictions across the United States of America. Those are run by your neighbors, your friends.”

When asked about getting threats, he continued, “It has impacted all of us. It has impacted all of our families as well.”

Fontes added, “And I think back to what we were talking about just a moment ago. One of the ways that I have been looking at this and addressing this is telling the really hard truth. And that is this: Threats against election officials in the United States of America is domestic terrorism. Terrorism is defined as a threat or violence for a political outcome. That’s what this is. I think the Department of Justice is really ramping up and starting to prosecute. We’re working with law enforcement across the country to really start to address these things. It’s not too little too late.”

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