Carville: ‘Democrat Messaging Is Full of Sh-t’ Stop Ignoring the Economy

[WARNING: Adult Language]

Democratic strategist James Carville said on the Politicon podcast that Democrats are losing younger voters and black voters because they were ignoring the economy.

Carville said, “The generational thievery that has occurred in this country is criminality of the first order. We keep wondering why these young people are not coming home to the Democrats. Why are blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democrat messaging is full of shit, that’s why. And talk about cost of living, and we’re going to help deal with this. Don’t talk about fucking Gaza and student loans. That is so out.”

He continued, “Why are we forgiving student loans for people that go to Harvard? Which, according to Scott Galloway, quite accurately, is nothing but a hedge fund that has classrooms. Well, they got a $52 billion fucking surplus. Why are taxpayers going to bail these people out? Why don’t you come out with a proposal to tax every university with an endowment of over $5 billion and use that money to give their former students relief?”

Carville added, “We all know where where we are. We all know the position we are in. We all know what the polls say. We all know how old President Biden is. Quit fucking arguing what’s in front of your face and start laying something out.”

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