CNN’s, NYT’s Sanger: Netanyahu ‘Probably Right’ About Needing Rafah Operation to Destroy Hamas

On Monday’s “CNN News Central,” New York Times White House and National Security Correspondent, author, and CNN Political and National Security Analyst David Sanger stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely correct that the Rafah operation that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has ordered Israel to stop is “central to wiping out Hamas” and he thinks that the ICC is correct that the collateral damage from the operation isn’t worth the number of terrorists that Israel would kill.

Sanger said, “[I]f in fact, the Israelis did what they said they did, which was kill two terrorists who were part of Hamas, which Israel has vowed to destroy, for understandable reasons, after the October 7 terror attack, if that’s the case, is it worth these numbers you’re getting of the terrorists if the collateral damage is this high? And I think the question pretty well answers itself, it’s why the International Criminal Court ordered Israel to stop the operation.”

Sanger added that Netanyahu considers the Rafah operation “central to wiping out Hamas. I understand why he views it that way. He’s probably right about that. The question is, is it worth the humanitarian cost?”

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